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  • Current data and indicators of labour market trends

    Current data and indicators of labour market trends in the eastern and western parts of Germany Along with indices on current developments in the economy and the labour market (for the eastern and...
  • New Book: Privacy, Big Data, and the Public Good

    The book provides an accessible summary of the important legal, economic, and statistical thoughts on the many privacy issues associated with the use of big data. It also contains practical suggestions...
  • Deregulation and job satisfaction of temporary agency workers

    We analyse how substantial deregulations of the temporary help sector in Germany influenced job satisfaction of male temporary agency workers. While contract regulations were changed for temporary workers,...
  • IAB-Forum

    IAB-Forum The magazine of the Institute for Employment Research of the Federal Employment Agency The magazine presents articles on the wide variety of research at the IAB. All editions focus on...
  • Active labour-market policies in Germany

    Active labour-market policy (ALMP) not only affects the labour-market success of participants. Due to indirect effects, they might also affect the job perspectives of non-participants. Hence, even if...