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Gender, inequality, and wages


"In all Western societies women earn lower wages on average than men.
The gender wage gap has existed for many years, although there have been some important changes over time. This volume of collected papers contains extensive research on progress made by women in the labor market, and the characteristics and causes of remaining gender inequalities. It also covers other dimensions of gender inequality, such as family formation, wellbeing, and other dimensions of inequality, including by race and immigrant status, and their interplay with gender. The author was awarded the 2010 IZA Prize in Labor Economics for this research.
The book probes and quantifies the explanations for the gender wage gap, including differential choices made in the labor market by men and women, as well as labor market discrimination and employment segregation. It also delineates how the gender wage gap has decreased over time in the United States and suggests explanations for this narrowing of the gap, and the more recent slowdown in wage convergence. The volume also investigates international differences in the gender wage gap, and wage inequality and explains the link between the two. Moving on to consider a variety of indicators of gender inequality, it paints a picture of significant gains in women's relative status in the United States across a number of dimensions. It analyses the trends in female labor supply and what they indicate about changing gender roles in the United States, and considers a successful intervention designed to increase the relative success of academic women. Furthermore the book focuses on inequality by race and immigrant status, examining not only race differences in wages and the even larger race differences in wealth, but also immigrant source countries on immigrant women's labor market assimilation. In sum the book underscores the high relevance of research on gender inequalities in the labor market." (Author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))

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Autorin / Autor

  • Blau, Francine D.
  • Gielen, Anne C.
  • Zimmermann, Klaus F.

Bibliografische Daten

Blau, Francine D.; Gielen, Anne C. (Hrsg.); Zimmermann, Klaus F. (Hrsg.) (2016): Gender, inequality, and wages. (IZA Prize in Labor Economics), Oxford: Oxford University Press, 545 S.