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Program "Evaluation of Passive and Active Labour Market Policies"

The presentations should not last longer than 35 minutes (with discussion 50 minutes)! 

Thursday, November 27, 2008

 Time  Program
 11:00 – 11:30
 11:30 – 11:40   Joachim Wolff (Institute for Employment Research, IAB)
 11:40 – 13:20
 Session 1 
  • Macro-Evaluation of Active Labour Market Policies in West and East Germany. An Extension of the Theory and Empirical Evidence
    Rüdiger Wapler (Institute for Employment Research, IAB)
  • Work incentives? Ex-post effects of unemployment insurance sanctions in West Germany”
    Barbara Hofmann (Institute for Employment Research, IAB)
 14:20 – 15.40
 Session 2
  • Culture and Unemployment
    Josef Zweimüller (Institute for Empirical Research in Economics, University of Zurich)
 Coffee Break
16:10 – 17:50
 Session 3 
  • How do job search requirements affect reservation wages of older unemployed workers?
    Anton Nivorozhkin (Institute for Employment Research, IAB) 

  • An Analysis of Unemployment Duration and Employment Stability Based on a Regression-Discontinuity Approach
    Marco Caliendo (Institute for the Study of Labor, IZA, Bonn)
18:00 – 18:50
 Session 4
  • Explaining the Employability Gap of Short-term and Long-term Unemployed Persons
    Stephan L. Thomsen (University of Magdeburg, Department of Economics)

20.00  Conference Dinner

Friday, November 28, 2008

 Time  Programm
 09:00 – 10:40
 Session 5
  • Job Security and New Restrictive Permanent Contracts. Do Spanish Workers Fear Losing Their Jobs?
    Elisabetta Trevisan (Venice University, Department of Economics, SSE)

  • Can reduced activity be a stepping stone for the unemployed?
    Florent Frémigacci (Université d´Evry-Val-d`Essonne, Départment d´Économie, EPEE) 

 10:40   Coffee Break
 11:00 – 12:40
 Session 6
  • In-Work Benefits in Search Equilibrium
    Mirco Tonin (University of Southhampton, Economics Division, School of Social Sciences)


  • Is temporary employment a stepping stone for unemployed school leavers?
    Christian Göbel (Centre for European Economic Research, ZEW)

 12:40  Lunch
 13:40 – 15:20
 Session 7
  • The Relative Effectiveness of Selected Active Labour Market Programmes and the Common Support Problem
    Gesine Stephan (Institute for Employment Research, IAB)
  • Does unemployed training increase individual employability: evidence from Latvian microdata
    Jekaterina Dmitrijeva (Centre d'Etudes de l'Emploi, CEE and Université d´Evry-Val-d`Essonne, Départment d´Économie, EPEE)