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International Summer-Conference in Regional Science

International Summer-Conference of the “Gesellschaft für Regionalforschung” (GfR), i.e. the German speaking section of the European Regional Science Association (ERSA) and the Institute for Employment Research (IAB)


June 19-20, 2009


The workshop will be held in the hotel "Hanseatischer Hof" at Lübeck (a free hanseatic city close to Hamburg, Germany).


  • Objectives: The main objective is to share the results of new unpublished research in the field of regional science. Even though there is a special topic, any kind of other interesting research is invited.
  • This year's special theme: “Asymmetric shocks and the region”
    The year 2009 will be remembered as the first year of unprecedented financial and economic crisis. Even though the downswing is exceptionally hard, not all regions will suffer in the same extend. This leads to the choice of this year’s special theme.
  • Keynote paper: presented by Philip McCann (University of Waikato, New Zealand).

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Gesellschaft für Regionalforschung (GfR)

European Regional Science Association (ERSA)