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4th Summer Conference in Regional Science

The Gesellschaft für Regionalforschung (GfR), the German speaking section of the European Regional Science Association, the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) and the Institute of Transport & Economics at the Technische Universität Dresden are very pleased to announce their joint International Summer-Conference, which will take place in Dresden.


June 30 - July 1, 2011


Dresden, Germany


This year’s special topic is “Regional Economic and Labor Market Policies: Concepts, Results, and Challenges”.

The main objective of the conference is to share new research in the field of regional science. Therefore, other empirical and theoretical contributions to other interesting research in regional science are also appreciated. We invite contributions to topics such as

  • Innovation, agglomeration, and clusters
  • Comparative analyses of regional policy’s effectiveness on the European, national, and local level
  • The employment and the employer sector of regional institutions
  • Regional and urban policy approaches to local disparities and spatial inequalities
  • Regional policy and migration
  • Competition between regions
  • The effect of regional policies on wages and unemployment
  • Instruments of regional economic and labor market policies
  • Institutional change and interregional relations
  • ‘Globalisation’: Implications of the financial crisis
  • Environmental policies on the regional and urban level


  • Geoffrey J.D. Hewings (University of Illinois)
  • Joachim Möller (Universität Regensburg, IAB)


  • The seminar is open for any scholar in the field. People interested in participating should notify the local organizer’s office.
  • Participants of the Summer Conference are invited to submit papers on regional labor market policy to a special issue of the “Papers in Regional Science”, the journal of the Regional Science Association (RSAI). Another publication opportunity offered to the participants is the „Jahrbuch of Regionalwissenschaft/ Review of Regional Research“, the journal of the GfR, which is also interested in publishing papers of good quality from the Summer Conference.  


Submission of abstract: April, 30, 2011
Notification of acceptance by May, 16, 2011
Registration and submission of full paper until June, 20, 2011

Presentations should be about 30 min. The conference languages will be English and German.

Conference fee

The conference fee is 60 Euro to be paid at the reception of the conference. There will be a small budget to cover travel and accommodation expenses for speakers who do not have other financing possibilities. If you want to apply for a refund, please inform us about the approximate amount of travel costs when submitting your paper.

Scientific committee

  • Franz-Josef Bade (University of Dortmund)
  • Uwe Blien (University of Bamberg, Institute for Employment Research, IAB)
  • Stefan Fuchs (Institute for Employment Research, IAB)
  • Geoffrey Hewings (University of Illionois)
  • Georg Hirte (TU Dresden) (also local organizer)
  • Gunther Maier (WU Wien)
  • Philip McCann (University of Groningen)
  • Peter Nijkamp (VU Amsterdam)


Dipl.-Vw. Christine Kalenborn
Chair of Economics, part. Macroeconomics and Spatial Economics / Regional Science
Institute for Economics and Traffic
Faculty of Transport Sciences „Friedrich List"
TU Dresden

Würzburger Str. 35, room 015
D-01062 Dresden, Germany

Tel.: +49-0351-463-36806
Fax: +49-0351-463-36819

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