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Dynamics of Low Wage, Low Pay and Transfer Receipt


November 15 - 16, 2013


Institute for Employment Research (IAB), Nuremberg, Germany


In recent years the great recession and Euro crisis have affected national labor markets. In most countries, unemployment has risen. In some countries austerity policies put a break on wage increases and institutional reforms have supported the generation of extended low wage sectors. This directs new attention to the workings of national minimum income systems.

The conference will present international current research on trends and developments in the fields of low wage employment and transfer receipt (e.g., welfare, unemployment or other types of benefits) and the dynamics of these patterns over time.

We are interested in studies on national developments as well as on international patterns. Both microand
macroeconomic analyses are welcome. The conference shall focus on empirical studies but theoretical
contributions are welcome as well.

Key-Note Speakers

  • Stephen Jenkins, London School of Economics
  • Jürgen Schupp, DIW Berlin

Scientific Committee

  • Lorenzo Cappellari, Università Cattolica Milan
  • Joachim Möller, IAB Nuremberg
  • Regina T. Riphahn, FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg
  • Helmut Rudolph, IAB Nuremberg
  • Wiemer Salverda, University of Amsterdam
  • Joachim Wolff, IAB Nuremberg

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