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    Codetermination losing ground

    14 June 2018

    BetriebsversammlungLike collective bargaining coverage, codetermination is becoming less and less significant in German companies. Only a minority of employees, especially in East Germany, work in companies with a works council.

    The full article can be found in our Magazine IAB-Forum.

    R Package hmi: A Convenient Tool for Hierarchical Multiple Imputation and Beyond

    05 June 2018

    Applications of multiple imputation have long outgrown the traditional context of dealing with item nonresponse in cross-sectional data sets. Nowadays multiple imputation is also applied to impute missing values in hierarchical data sets, address confidentiality concerns, combine data from different sources, or correct measurement errors in surveys. However, software developments did not keep up with these recent extensions. Most imputation software can only deal with item nonresponse in cross-sectional settings and extensions for hierarchical data – if available at all – are typically limited in scope. Furthermore, to our knowledge no software is currently available for dealing with measurement error using
    multiple imputation approaches.

    IAB-Discussion Paper 16/2018

    Binding Collective Agreements: The Downward Trend Continues

    04 June 2018

    Close-up view of hands counting money with calculatorWages and working conditions are negotiated between employers and employees. Collective agreements provide both parties with an institutional framework to that end. But in the last few years, companies have seen a downward trend in binding collective agreements, and thus also in the importance of such agreements for the employees. In East Germany in particular, companies prefer to act outside of collective agreements, as evidenced by the latest data from the IAB Establishment Panel.

    The full article can be found in our Magazine IAB-Forum.

    Heterogeneous effects of investmentgrants – Evidence from a new measurement Approach

    22 May 2018

    This paper estimates establishment-level employment effects of investmentgrants in one oft the German Federal States receiving the most support. We analyze general treatment effects, as well as the infuence of heterogeneity in the characteristics and economic environment of the establishment on its employment development. Modifying the standard matching and difference-in-differences approach, we develop a new procedure that is particularly useful for evaluating funding programs within dividual treatment phases within the period of observation. Our data basis combines treatment-related, establishment-specifc and regional Information from different sources.The results suggest that Investment grants have a positive influence on the development of employment in establishment in both absolute and standardized fgures (i. e. in relation to the amount of subsidy received) – with considerable effect heterogeneity.

    IAB-Discussion Paper 15/2018

    The greening of jobs in Germany - First evidence from a text mining based index and employment register data

    17 May 2018

    The transition towards a greener, less carbon-intensive economy leads to a growing demand for green products, services and business processes. In theory, this trend should lead to a greening of jobs, i.e. to an increasing share of environmentally friendly requirements within occupations (greening of occupations) and to a rising labor demand for employees in these occupations (greening of employment). Due to a lack of measures, there is no empirical evidence on the relationship between the greening of jobs and the real labor market development so far. To fill this gap, the paper measures, describes and analyzes the greening of jobs and its associations with employment and wage growth.

    IAB-Discussion Paper 14/2018

    Migrant women labor-force participation in Germany Human capital, segmented labor market, and gender perspectives

    24 April 2018

    This paper analyzes individual, structural, and cultural factors that influence the labor-force participation of migrant women in Germany. Considering the well-established evidence that immigrant women work less than natives, with statuses and earnings differing significantly between them, The author investigates the economic activity of the former by examining the cross-sectional data from the IAB-SOEP Migration Sample 2013 with multiple linear regression techniques.

    IAB-Discussion Paper 12/2018




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