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    Labor Markets and Labor Mobility in the French-German Border Region

    22 January 2018
    This paper examines the cross-border labor market in the French-German Upper Rhine Region. Based on shortage analyses conducted for both sides of the border, a fixed effects panel regression estimates the impact of changing labor market situa-tions on the number of French frontier workers. Although some of the anticipated effects are detected, their size is rather modest and insufficient to balance regional disparities in a way that would be expected in a fully integrated cross-border labor market. By the same token, the quantitative analysis identifies standardized certifi-cates as a barrier to cross-border mobility and confirms a preference of frontier workers for routine tasks. In addition, insufficient public transportation and language skills, missing information about the neighboring country as well as problems with the recognition of degrees are also found among the obstacles to an integrated labor market.

    IAB-Discussion Paper 2/2018

    The Organizational Design of High-Tech Startups and Product Innovation

    04 January 2018

    In this study they investigate whether appointing a middle management level affects startups’ innovation performance. Additional hierarchical levels are often suspected to restrict innovative activities. However, founders’ capacities for information processing and resource allocation are usually strongly limited while, at the same time, R&D decisions are among the most consequential choices of startups. They argue that middle management is positively related to introducing product innovations because it improves the success rates from recombining existing knowledge as well as managing R&D personnel. In addition, we suggest that the effectiveness of these mechanisms depends on the riskiness of a startup’s business opportunity. Based on a sample of German high-tech startups, they find support for our conjectures.

    IAB-Discussion Paper 1/2018

    Longer maternity leave – healthier mothers?

    21 December 2017

    Leave policies allowing parents to take time off work after childbirth are considered an important measure to buffer the stresses associated with childrearing and gainful employment. Despite reducing this double burden, longer leave periods do not necessarily support the return of healthier mothers into the labor market.

    The full article can be found in our magazine IAB-Forum

    Job Matching on Connected Regional and Occupational Labor Markets

    19 December 2017

    Job mobility equilibrates disparities on local labor markets and influences the efficiency of the job matching process. In this paper, they describe a job matching model that allows for simultaneous regional and occupational mobility, predicting corresponding spillover effects on the number of matches. They estimate these spillover effects based on novel administrative German data on the number of matches, unemployed, and vacancies of local labor markets, which they define as distinct occupations in distinct regions.

    IAB-Discussion Paper 35/2017

    Learning from Mouse Movements: Improving Questionnaire and Respondents’ User Experience through Passive Data Collection

    13 December 2017

    This study aims to develop automated procedures for detecting and quantifying difficulty indicators in web surveys. It will use, and build on, indicators that have been identified by prior research. In addition, the current study relies on recent meth-odological advances in psychology that propose mouse-tracking measures for as-sessing the tentative commitments to, and conflict between, response alternatives.

    IAB-Discussion Paper 34/2017 

    Formal Search and Referrals from a Firm’s Perspective

    04 December 2017

    This study explores the relationship between frms’ characteristics and their recruitment strategies. They propose a model based on a search and matching framework with two search channels: a formal channel which is costly for frms and a costless informal channel, i.e. referrals. There is a continuum of heterogeneous vacancies in our model where every firm with an open vacancy chooses an optimal search effort in order to attract job candidates. This search effort depends on the productivity of the firm and, contrary to the previous literature, workers send simultaneous applications to open vacancies. We assess the model predictions by using the IAB Job Vacancy Survey, a representative Survey among human resource managers in Germany reporting information about their most recent recruitment case.

    IAB-Discussion Paper 33/2017




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