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    The gender wage gap in Europe: What can we learn from linked employer-employee data? A workshop report

    12 July 2019

    Frauen und Männer im Büro vor BildschirmenA recent IAB workshop on the gender wage gap in Europe stressed the importance of the workplace and the firm in explaining gender inequalities. The workshop presentations showed that linked employer-employee data of all types can help analysts and policy makers understand the mechanisms which lie behind these inequalities, giving insights that cannot be obtained from traditional surveys of individuals and households.

    The article can be found in our Magazine IAB-Forum.

    Say it like Goethe: Language learning facilities abroad and the self-selection of immigrants

    08 July 2019

    Immigration policy in most high-income countries is designed to promote qualified migration while maintaining high requirements on characteristics such as education and language skills. We rely on a standard self-selection model with heterogeneous migration costs to discuss the effect of access to language learning services in the country of origin on the skill composition of immigrants in Germany. Using individual-level survey data on immigrants from different cohorts over the period 2000–2014, combined with unique data on the presence of Goethe Institutes – a German association promoting German language and culture worldwide – in origin countries, the results of our empirical analysis show that the acquisition of the German language is fostered by the availability of language courses abroad.

    IAB-Discussion Paper 14/2019

    The IAB has once again been awarded the certificate for the “berufundfamilie” audit

    19 June 2019

    Zertifikat Audit „berufundfamilie“ 2019The IAB offers a wide range of family-friendly measures to promote balancing family and career – e. g., flexible working hours and break times, various forms of part-time work during parental leave, or teleworking.

    In 2009, the IAB was certified as a family-friendly institution within the framework of the “berufundfamilie” audit. After successful completion of the dialogue procedure in October 2018, the long-standing commitment to personnel policy respecting family needs and different phases of life was re-certified.

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    Protectionism and the argument for creating jobs at home

    23 May 2019

    Containerschiff im HafenIn the political debate, trade protectionism has been frequently associated with keeping and increasing the number of jobs at home. The argument is, however, not so simple, since international trade in products and services is organised within global value chains. Goods that are further processed and not used for final consumption play a key role in international commerce. Increasing trade barriers for those so-called “intermediates” can be particularly costly for an economy and lead to job losses in connected industries.

    The article can be found in our Magazine IAB-Forum

    The IAB-INCHER project of earned doctorates (IIPED): A supervised machine learning approach to identify doctorate recipients in the German integrated employment biography data.

    23 May 2019

    Only scarce information is available on doctorate recipients’ career outcomes in Germany. With the current information base, graduate students cannot make an informed decision whether to start a doctorate. Administrative labour market data could provide the necessary information, is however incomplete in this respect. In this paper, we describe the record linkage of two datasets to close this information gap: data on doctorate recipients collected in the catalogue of the German National Library (DNB), and the German labour market biographies (IEB) from the German Institute of Employment Research.

    IAB-Discussion Paper 13/2019




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