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    Do informational nudges alter firms’ hiring behavior of older Workers?

    12 November 2019

    This paper analyses a local marketing campaign in Germany that provided information about unproven age-related stereotypes and the value of older workers. The campaign was designed to increase the hiring rate of older workers. Using comprehensive register data, we find that the information provided by the campaign (via banners, interviews, job fairs and information brochures) did change firms’ employment behavior. The cheap and mild intervention increased the employment rate of older workers on average by 3 percentage points. This increase, however, is attributable to an increase in job stability rather than to an increase in the hiring of older workers.

    IAB-Discussion Paper 23/2019

    Informing employees in small and medium sized firms about training: results of a randomized field Experiment

    07 November 2019
    We analyze a labor market program that subsidizes skill-upgrading occupational training for workers employed in small and medium sized enterprises. The program covers a substantial share of training costs. Nonetheless, take-up has been low. In an experimental setup, we mailed 10,000 brochures to potentially eligible workers, informing them about the importance of skill-upgrading occupational training in general and about the subsidy program in particular. Using combined survey and register data, we analyze the impact of receiving the brochure on workers’ knowledge of the program, on take-up of subsidized and unsubsidized training, and on job characteristics. 
    IAB-Discussion Paper 22/2019

    “Exclusion from steady employment is widespread in Denmark, Finland, and Germany.” An interview with Regina Konle-Seidl

    09 October 2019

    German, Danish, and Fnnish flagRegina Konle-Seidl explains in this video interview the concept of chronic unemployment. In many European countries considerable segments of the labour force seem to be excluded from steady employment on the regular labour market. The concept of chronic unemployment aims at capturing this exclusion and goes far beyond the common indicator “long-term unemployment”. A comparison of both indicators across Denmark, Finland, and Germany reveals astonishing differences. Konle-Seidl explains these differences and gives political recommendations how to reduce high rates of chronic unemployment.

    The article can be found in our Magazine IAB-Forum.

    Cochran-Hansen-Prize 2019 honors paper led by Professor Joseph Sakshaug

    26 September 2019

    Professor Joseph SakshaugProfessor Joseph Sakshaug (IAB and University of Mannheim) is the lead author of the winning paper of the Cochran-Hansen-Prize of the International Association of Survey Statisticians awarded to co-author Dr. Diego Andres Perez Ruiz (University of Manchester). The prize, awarded to a young statistician from a developing or transition country, was given to Mexican researcher Dr. Perez-Ruiz for his contributions to the paper “Augmenting Probability-Based Surveys with Nonprobability Survey Information: a Bayesian Approach.” The other co-authors include Dr. Arkadiusz Wiśniowski (University of Manchester) and Prof. Dr. Annelies Blom (University of Manheim).

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