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    Who profits from working-time accounts?

    25 August 2015

    This study brings together results of the establishment and the individual level to get a better understanding of the use of working-time accounts in Germany. Using data from the Establishment Panel we first show that industrial relations factors, employment-contract characteristics and individual characteristics determine working-time accounts’ use in establishments. Second, we provide the first analysis concerning the determinants of working-time accounts’ use among employees and the employees’ access to working-time accounts in establishments using working-time accounts.

    IAB-Discussion Paper 23/2015

    Factor structural time series models for official statistics with an application to hours worked in Germany

    21 August 2015

    The authors introduce a high-dimensional structural time series model, where co-movement between the components is due to common factors. A two-step estimation strategy is presented, which is based on principal components in differences in a first step and state space methods in a second step. The methods add to the toolbox of official statisticians, constructing timely regular statistics from different data sources.

    IAB-Discussion Paper 22/2015

    Measuring hours worked in Germany

    20 August 2015

    This article presents the IAB working time measurement concept, which determines the hours worked in Germany and their individual components. These statistics are essential for a proper analysis of aggregate labour market trends and cyclical fluctuations. The authors outline the conceptual and methodological framework of the measurement, which evolves further due to its integration in the system of national accounts and due to innovations to the statistical procedures applied.

    IAB-Discussion Paper 21/2015

    Online Survey of the IAB web presence

    29 July 2015

    IAB-Online-BefragungThe IAB is conducting an Online Survey of its German- and English-language web presence. The aim is to gather information on the quality and variety of what IAB offers, on comprehensibility, motivation for use, and new user requirements, with a view to improving IAB's web presence even further. For this purpose we would like to hear your opinion, wishes and suggestions. We kindly ask you to take about ten minutes to take part in this Online Survey.

    Online Survey

    Information for survey participants

    Endogenizing take-up of social assistance in a microsimulation model

    08 July 2015

    Microsimulation studies typically assume that all entitlements to means-tested benefits are actually claimed by eligible households, despite a large body of research that suggests that take-up rates are substantially below 100%. The assumption of full take-up tends to exaggerate the simulated increase in caseloads and fiscal costs of a social policy reform. This paper investigates the impact of non-take-up for two hypothetical scenarios, namely increasing and decreasing the base amount of social assistance in Germany by €100 per month.

    IAB-Discussion Paper 20/2015

    Location choice of German multinationals in the Czech Republic

    07 July 2015

    This paper analyses the location choice of German investors in the Czech Republic based on a unique dataset covering all Czech companies with a German equity holder in 2010. The identification of the regional determinants of foreign direct investment (FDI) location is an important regional policy issue as FDI is supposed to improve the labour market conditions of the host region. Using a nested logit approach the impact of agglomeration economies, labour market conditions and distance on the location choice decision is investigated.

    IAB-Discussion Paper 19/2015



Online Survey of the IAB web presence


Online Survey

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