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The magazine of the Institute for Employment Research of the Federal Employment Agency

The magazine presents articles on the wide variety of research at the IAB. All editions focus on a specific topic. Additional short articles on various other research topics, on events at the IAB and its people, round off each edition. The IAB-Forum is published twice a year, and only in German.

Cover of IAB Forum 1/2015

Issue 1/2015

25 years after reunification, IAB is taking stock of the rebuilding of eastern Germany ("Aufbau Ost"). In many respects, eastern Germany has recovered economically and is approaching western levels. For instance, eastern German wages are today 80 per cent of the western level. In unemployment, as well, the gap between west and east is closing. When one looks at the rate of female participation in employment, the east is even in the lead. Having said that, the process of catching-up is nowhere near having been completed. Here the stumbling block appears to be the sharply declining working population in eastern German. It is proving more and more difficult to fill positions. Very small establishments in particular are having difficulties in filling their vacant positions with suitable applicants, both male and female.

In Edition 1/2015 of the IAB-Forum the following issues are dealt with among others:

  • How can innovations and productivity be promoted in eastern Germany?
  • What effect does the strong drop in the working population in eastern Germany have on the goal of ensuring the availability of qualified staff?
  • What currently unused labour force potentials does eastern Germany have at its disposal?
  • How is the tariff topology developing in eastern and western Germany?

 Also in this edition: an interview with Heinrich Alt, a former member of the Executive Board of the Federal Employment Agency (BA); the former Director of IAB, Friedrich Buttler; the Minister for Employment of the Federal State of Brandenburg, Diana Golze; and the former Minister President of Brandenburg and Federal Minister Manfred Stolpe. They look back on the years since reunification and discuss the current challenges for the eastern German labour market. 

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