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The magazine of the Institute for Employment Research of the Federal Employment Agency

The magazine presents articles on the wide variety of research at the IAB. All editions focus on a specific topic. Additional short articles on various other research topics, on events at the IAB and its people, round off each edition. The IAB-Forum is published twice a year, and only in German.

Cover of IAB Forum 2/2015

Issue 2/2015

Issue 2/2015 of the IAB-Forum is dedicated to the German labour market in an international context.  It includes both varied interdependences of the German labour market and the comparison with other countries. In particular the following issues are treated in the context of the main topic:

  • Labour market reforms in international comparison (including a separate article on the latest Italian labour market reform)
  • Long term unemployment in European comparison
  • Indicators for measuring youth unemployment in European comparison
  • Employer orientated employment services within Europe
  • Pros and cons of a European unemployment insurance
  • Job mobility between Germany and its neighbouring countries
  • Employment effects of investments of German companies in Czech Republic
  • Labour market integration of asylum seekers
  • Wage structures of foreign employees in Germany

Also in this issue: An interview with the head of the BA Frank-Jürgen Weise on his new tasks as leader of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees and all his hopes on the closer collaboration of the public employment market services in Europe.   


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Links to translated articles

IAB-Forum 1/2013

Cover IAB-Forum 1/2013

The IAB-Forum is published only in German. Selected articles of this special edition are translated into English.

Skilled labour requirements in firms: Shortages are emerging in some sectors and regions
Location choice: Why German firms invest in the Czech Republic

IAB-Forum Spezial

IAB-Forum Spezial

The IAB-Forum is published only in German. Selected articles of this special edition are translated into English. 

Crisis Analysis and Recommendations
Anti-Crisis Programmes in Europe and the USA
Economic Stimulus Plans against the crisis