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The economics of regional clusters


"The book takes a critical view on regional industry clusters, in particular their identification and formation, and the policies which help create and support them. The distinguished international contributors comprehensively discuss the important theoretical and empirical issues concerning clusters and cluster policy from a regional economic perspective. As a whole, the book aims to examine the hyperbole that often surrounds clusters by employing sound scientific evidence and rigorous analysis." (Text excerpt, IAB-Doku)
Table of Contents:
Uwe Blien, Gunther Maier: The starting point (1-11);
Simona Lammarino, Philip McCann: Innovation dynamics and the structure and evolution of industrial clusters (13-28);
Andre Torre: First steps towards a critical appraisal of clusters (29-40);
Juan C. Duque, Sergio J. Rey: A network based approach towards industry clustering (41-68);
Thomas Brenner: Industry-specific spatial agglomerations in Germany (69-91);
Martin T. W. Rosenfeld, Peter Franz, Gerhard Heimpold: Sectoral concentration, business networks and innovative competences in East Germany - an empirical approach to identify economic clusters (93-101);
Leonardo Monteiro Monasterio: Clusters and the spatial structure of wages in Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil): a multilevel approach (103-117);
Joachim Möller, Nicole Litzel: Measuring specialisation and concentration in regional clusters - an empirical analysis for Eastern Bavaria (119-144);
Frank G. van Oort, Martijn J. Burger, Otto Raspe: Inter-firm relations and economic clustering in the Dutch Randstad region (145-165);
Anne Otto, Stefan Köhler: The contribution of new and young firms to the economic development of clusters in Germany: comparative analysis of a growing, a mature and a declining cluster (167-184);
Edward Feser: On building clusters versus leveraging synergies in the design of innovation policy for developing economies (185-207);
Björn Alecke, Christoph Alsleben, Frank Scharr, Gerhard Untiedt: Geographic concentration of sectors in the German economy: some unpleasant macroeconomic evidence for regional cluster policy (209-233);
Martin Wrobel: Clusters and networks ... their spell has by no means been broken! (235-263);
Matthias Kiese: Cluster approaches to local economic development - conceptual remarks and case studies from Lower Saxony, Germany (265-299). ((en))


Bibliographical information

Blien, Uwe (Ed.); Maier, Gunther (Ed.) (2008): The economics of regional clusters * networks, technology and policy. (New horizons in regional science), Cheltenham u.a.: Elgar, 311 p.