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Annual Meeting of the International Labour Market Forecasting Network 


April 20-21, 2009


IAB, Weddigenstraße 20-22, 90478 Nuremberg, Germany, Room 126a


On April 20 and 21, the International Labour Market Forecasting Network and its guests will
discuss their recent economic forecasts with special focus on the labour market. Forecasting is
especially uncertain at the moment, since a never known global financial and economic crisis
causes a severe downturn in economic activity on the one hand, but governments intervene in an unknown matter on the other hand. Thus, the participants of the Annual Meeting will not only present forecasting results and methodologies but also discuss economic and labour market policies in a European context.

We are happy to present two keynote speakers: Timo Baas from the IAB will give theoretical insight into the link of financial and real economy. Christian Dreger, head of the department Macro analysis and Forecasting at DIW Berlin, will give a forecast for the European economy. Afterwards we will discuss on country reports from Scandinavia and continental Europe.


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