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Youth unemployment in Europe



"The concept of youth unemployment as dealt with in this paper covers the problems encountered by young people below 25 years of age entering the labour market and finding permanent employment.
In most European countries youth unemployment has risen significantly as a result of the economic crisis. Compared to youth unemployment, adult unemployment experienced the effects of the crisis with some delay. But in the long run, the recession has affected all age groups. In the 2000s there were significant changes in the pattern of youth unemployment due to gender, citizenship or educational level.
The results indicate individual avoidance strategies such as reducing labour market participation (prolonging of or returning to education) or interregional mobility. Reviewing the literature on labour market policy there are no clear and universal solutions for the prevention or reduction of youth unemployment, whether in terms of active labour market policy and labour market institutions or regulation / deregulation. However, national experiences differ in different areas.
Individual and familial guidance and counselling on both educational and occupational choices can help young people in their school-to-work transitions and in the labour market. Workers' associations and unions can also help young people entering the labour market." (Text excerpt, IAB-Doku) ((en))

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Dietrich, Hans (2012): Youth unemployment in Europe * theoretical considerations and empirical findings. Berlin, 40 S.