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The scars of youth


"Does early-career unemployment cause future unemployment? The authors approach this question using German administrative matched employer - employee data that track almost 700,000 individuals over 24 years. Instrumenting early-career unemployment with firm-specific labour demand shocks, they find significant and long-lasting 'scarring effects'. In the mean, each additional day of unemployment during the first eight years on the labour market increases unemployment in the following 16 years by half a day. However, quantile regressions show that the scarring effects are much stronger for individuals who already suffer from lengthy and repeated spells of unemployment." (Author's abstract, Published by arrangement with John Wiley & Sons) ((en))

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Schmillen, Achim; Umkehrer, Matthias (2018): The scars of youth * effects of early-career unemployment on future unemployment experience. In: International Labour Review, Vol. 156, No. 3/4, S. 465-494.