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Research Coordination (Foko)


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IAB studies the labour market on the basis of two statutory mandates which stress the importance of evaluation research. The Staff Unit "Research Coordination" (Foko), set up mid-2005, gathers this research and its results together, ensuring transparency, identifying gaps, and providing impetus for new research projects. The individual research activities of the staff of Foko form a prerequisite for this.

"Research Coordination" is the central point of contact for the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and for the Federal Employment Agency. The Staff Unit ensures that the research programme is well coordinated and provides the information necessary for decision-making. Along with this, it maintains institutionalized contacts to other economics and social science institutes, especially those participating in BMAS research projects. Foko also runs conferences and workshops on evaluation research aimed at various target groups.

In the area of research related to Book II of the Social Code, (SGB II), Foko represents IAB vis-à-vis the researchers of the Impact Research Group (Forschungsverbund zur Experimentierklausel) (Section 6c, SGB II) and the respective task force "Evaluation by the Federal States (Länder)". This ensures as close an adherence as possible to the research mandate as specified in Section 55 of SGB II.

Over and above its coordinating function for evaluation research, Foko itself provides resources for evaluation research together with the project staff (ProIAB) at selected local employment offices. The latter are well familiar with IAB's Research Departments along with having a well-grounded knowledge of the Federal Employment Agency and the local employment offices. Hence their involvement is especially important for the analysis of implementation.

Furthermore, the Staff Unit assists IAB research departments and units of the Federal Employment Agency with placing tenders for research projects. It supports the process of compiling all required documents and assessing incoming tenders. Also, Foko informs IAB staff about external funding opportunities, the latest calls for research proposals, and recent developments in research funding. It supports IAB researchers with writing proposals and managing collaborative, third party funded projects or projects with international partners. Contact is Dr. Holk Stobbe.

And lastly, Foko also adopts important functions with regard to planning research at IAB. The Staff Unit coordinates and organizes the internal quality control of newly registered projects. It chairs the Working Group "Project Appraisal" in which the Directorate, the Research Departments and the Staff Units are represented. This work is based on an appraisal process that has been developed with the help of experts, both internal and external, and that fulfils all scientific criteria.


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