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Working Group

Research task

The working group pools, on the one hand, existing expertise and research at the IAB and on the other hand, strengthens the internal and external networks in academics and politics.

In regular meetings, scientific projects of the members are supported from start to finish. Furthermore presentations from renowned researchers from Germany and abroad will be offered. Discussion papers with high potential and publications will be discussed and analyzed. Through the exchange across departments and disciplines, new data and research projects are fostered.

Concerning the content, the group focuses on research questions at the intersection of occupations. To be more precise, under consideration are the impacts of occupations on different outcomes such as wages, flows from and to employment, social promotion prospects, further training but also, on the contrary, how different variables such as wages, access possibilities or training proposition and alike influence occupational choice and mobility. Furthermore, it is dealt with the fact that occupations combine different factors, for instance skills, schooling, and training etc.

Staff members