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Regional Research Network (RFN)


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The ten IAB teams in the BA's Regionaldirektionen (Regional Directorates), together with the Regionalbüro (Regional Office) in Nuremberg, have formed the "Regionales Forschungsnetz (RFN)" (Regional Research Network) since 2004. The guiding principle of the RFN's work is research "in and for the Regional Directorates". Its work contributes to a deeper understanding of labour market processes in the regions, for instance, concerning regional mobility or regional consequences of structural change. In coordination with the IAB's "Forecasts and Macroeconomic Analyses" research department, the RFN publishes regional short-term forecasts of unemployment and employment. In addition, the RFN also investigates the implementation of Policy measures, for example, on the social labour market, and assembles its own data records, for example, on the regional training market situation. These studies provide sound analyses with great practical relevance for the BA's Regional Directorates and the employment agencies as well as the other regional labour market actors which the RFN regularly advises on labour market issues.

Regional IAB Offices:
IAB Baden-Württemberg
IAB Bavaria
IAB Berlin-Brandenburg
IAB Hessen
IAB Lower Saxony-Bremen
IAB Northern Germany
IAB North Rhine-Westphalia
IAB Rhineland-Palatinate-Saarland
IAB Saxony
IAB Saxony-Anhalt-Thuringia



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