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Data Quality


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IAB is one of the largest producers of social science research data. Administrative data on biographies of employment, unemployment, benefit receipt and participation in labour market measures  are a central component. Along with that, survey data are of great importance to IAB's research. They are gathered from a number of long-term, large-scale surveys as well as from a multitude of smaller and medium-scale surveys relating to specific projects . In addition to this, external data sources that are fairly unstructured are increasingly being accessed for labour market research.

The importance of the quality of this data for policy advice  and research can hardly be overestimated. This is why the "Data Quality" Working Group was set up. The aim of this working group is to encourage discussion on data quality between the various different departments of the Institute and, in this way, to support the development of solutions for complex data situations as well as the spread of "best practices". To do this, meetings on concrete questions of data quality take place several times a year. The choice of subjects orients itself on the current requirements at the Institute. The format is open so that, depending on the need at hand, discussion rounds and workshops can be held and talks given.

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