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Inhaltsbereich: Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung

Data and IT-Management: Quality, Processes Innovations (QPI)


Service Department

Research task

When making requests to DIM, researchers need meaningful information, fast deliveries and a high quality of the data and IT solutions provided. Therefore, high quality standards, professional and efficient management, transparency and reproducibility are the top priority for data products, delivery processes and IT solutions.

In order to achieve these goals across teams, the QPI Team in cooperation with the other DIM teams develops the necessary processes, policies, rules, and other quality-relevant documentation.

Efficient quality standards
Based on the existing processes, tests and reviews, specific process steps are specified in quality planning. The developed products or data are provided to the customer only after all the stages of quality assurance have been concluded positively. Actual quality assurance is conducted independently by the respective teams in DIM. QPI supports the development, monitoring, and finally also the adjustment of the relevant processes.

Proposals, complaints and internal test results are regularly analysed and assessed by QPI, with the aim of improving and sustainably securing the DIM products, development and delivery processes, as well as internal processes using appropriate measures. The internal Q-circle initiated by QPI assesses the state of the measures or develops new measures, e.g., on the basis of the results of internal audits. In this context, also the jointly defined goals are checked and achievement of goals is discussed.

Continuous further development
To meet the new requirements and tasks in IT, in-depth analyses and a comprehensive technical concept ensure optimization of the existing infrastructure and architecture. The QPI team pools the expertise to create innovative framework conditions and novel implementations.

Pooled organization
In addition, QPI supports the priorities of the Data and IT Management business unit by regularly updating schedules with regard to dates, personnel requirements and costs. Moreover, the QPI Team handles administrative tasks and agrees with the training requirements of colleagues for the DIM business unit.

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