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Zertifikat "audit berufundfamilie"

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"Part 1 deals with concepts and instruments of employability and contains four chapters. Chapter 1 indroduces the complexity of the employability notion. It is following by chapter 2, which focuses on one particular technique used for early identification of potencial long-term unemployed. The role of the employer and the worker in the employability process is analysed in chapter 3, whilst chapter 4 addresses the question of whether European unemployment insurance schemes are turning towards an employability insurance model. Part 2 contains country papers describing and, to the extent possible, evaluating measures implemented, with the objective of improving well reflected when analysing the problem of unemployment traps and their impact on an individual's effort to reintegrate into the labor force. The countries under review in this volume comprise four members of the European Union (the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland) and one OECD country (New Zealand). It was found particularly relevant to consider the way two countries in transition, Poland and Slovakia, cope with their labor market problems. Furthermore, the unemployment problem confronted by a developing country such as Algeria, which quite recently (1994) introduced an unemployment insurance scheme, and the way in which it is tackling this problem by means of activation measures merits attention. In Part 3, a practical approach is being showcased with Canada, which in 1996-97 moved from an unemployment to an employment insurance. The last chapter then briefly reviews the information provided by all contributors and provides an outlook for the future." (Author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))

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  • Weinert, Patricia
  • Baukens, Michele
  • Bollerot, Patrick
  • Pineschi-Gapenne, Marina
  • Walwei, Ulrich

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Weinert, Patricia (Ed.); Baukens, Michele (Ed.); Bollerot, Patrick (Ed.); Pineschi-Gapenne, Marina (Ed.); Walwei, Ulrich (Ed.) (2001): Employability * from theory to practice. (International social security series, 07), New Brunswick u.a.: Transaction Publ., 213 p.