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Bestimmungsgr├╝nde der Arbeitslosigkeit nach der dualen Berufsausbildung


"Most youths in Germany successfully complete a qualification within the dual vocational training system. Due to the institutional settings, it builds the basis for smooth transitions from the education system to the labour market. However, over the last few years, unemployment rates amongst those who have completed an apprenticeship have increased; not everyone, however, has been affected to the same degree. Despite the formally identical education level, there are large differences between apprenticeships. It is these differences that explain the causes of unemployment. As the results in this article show, it is characteristics, during the apprenticeship period, of the firms that provide the training that influence the risk of unemployment." (Author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))

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Somaggio, Gabriele (2010): The determinants of the unemployment risk after apprenticeship. In: Sozialer Fortschritt, Vol. 59, Iss. 6/7, pp. 190-197.