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Zertifikat "audit berufundfamilie"

Inhaltsbereich: Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung

Special issue: Labour, markets and inequality


Table of Contents:
Joachim Möller, Markus Promberger: Editorial (1-3);
John E. Roemer: Incentive provision and coordination as market functions (6-16);
Colin Crouch: Flexibility and security in the labour market: An analysis of the governance of inequality (17-38);
Claus Offe: Inequality and the labor market - Theories, opinions, models, and practices of unequal distribution and how they can be justified (39-52);
Gesine Stephan: Employer wage subsidies and wages in Germany: empirical evidence from individual data (53-71);
Martyn Andrews, Lutz Bellmann, Thorsten Schank, Richard Upward: The impact of financial participation on workers' compensation (72-89).


Bibliographical information

Crouch, Colin (Ed.); Möller, Joachim (Ed.); Offe, Claus (Ed.); Promberger, Markus (Ed.); Roemer, John E. (Ed.) (2010): Special issue: Labour, markets and inequality. In: Zeitschrift für ArbeitsmarktForschung, Vol. 43, Iss. 1, pp. 1-90.