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Job vacancies, employment and the economic cycle


This publication contains the reports of two working group sessions on the methodology of statistics about vacant jobs. The first working group session was carried out jointly by Eurostat and the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) and took place on 11 and 12 December 2008 in Nuremberg. The second session was on 18 and 19 November 2009 in Neuchâtel together with Eurostat and the Federal Statistical Office of Switzerland. Various aspects such as the following were discussed: differing approaches to data collection (specially designed survey; collection coupled with another survey; using administrative sources) methods of weighting and data estimation (grossing up of figures); methods of error measurement and experience gained in introducing new national data collections relating to vacant jobs, especially in collecting data for particular economic branches and for changes in classification. (IAB)
Table of Contents:
1st International Workshop, Nuremberg, Germany, 11 - 12 December 2008 5:
Anja Kettner / Kurt Vogler-Ludwig: The German job vacancy survey : An overview (7-17); Francis Saucy: Job vacancy statistics in Switzerland : Example of a coupled survey (18-19); Astrid Depickere: Use of administrative sources in Belgium for the collection of job vacancy statistics (20-27); Mihaela Anghel: Weighting and estimation methods of the Romanian JVS (28-31); Juha Martikainen: Weighting and estimation methods : JVS Estimation in Finland by Horvitz-Thompson-Type estimator (32-38); Gareth Clancy: The UK job vacancy survey (39-46); Ciro Baldi / Diego Bellisai / Stefania Fivizzani / Marina Sorrentino: Non sampling errors in the Italian job vacancy survey (47-61); Hans Kiesl: The German job vacancy survey : Estimation of sampling errors (62-69).
2nd International Workshop, Neuchâtel, Switzerland, 18 - 19 November 2009 71:
Nuška Brnot: Using administrative sources in Slovenia (73-78); Elana Dror: Job vacancy survey : Israel's experience (79-82); Natalie Jansson and Thomas Laitila: A comparison of estimators of the number of job openings in Sweden (83-92); Claire Goaran / Valérie Ulrich: Job vacancies in France : data collection difficulties and feasibility studies on small firms and the public sector (93-903); Stefania Fivizzani / Marina Sorrentino: Temporary work agencies and vacancies : The Italian experience (104-114); Doru-Alin Cotîrta: The Romanian experience on the transition to NACE Rev.2 (115-123); Anja Kettner: Job vacancies, employment and the economic cycle: Experiences from the German job vacancy survey (124-138); Francis Saucy / Raphael Neuenschwander: Job vacancies and the economic cycle : Comments from Switzerland (139-142); Markus Heckmann: Recruitment processes : Experiences from the German job vacancy survey (143-151); Luis Biedma: Occupied posts (152-153).

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Kettner, Anja (2010): Job vacancies, employment and the economic cycle : experiences from the German job vacancy survey. In: S. A. Europäische Kommission (Ed.), First and second International Workshops on Methodologies for Job Vacancy Statistics. Proceedings, Luxemburg, pp. 124-138.