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Die Bilanz der Deutschen Einheit: Wirtschaftliche Ergebnisse seit 1990


A closer look is taken at the economic development of the economic branches 'manufacturing industry', 'building sector', 'services' and 'tourism' over the last 20 years, differentiating between the eastern and the western parts of Germany and especially dealing with the aspects labour market, wages and the development of topography in the areas of universities and research. A complete convergency of both parts of the country has not yet been achieved and will probably not be reached in the future. The production industry, as well as services for companies, foreign trade, international transport along with financial services, which commonly form the export basis for individual regions, are still underrepresented in eastern Germany. (IAB)


  • Brautzsch, Hans-Ulrich
  • Brenke, Karl
  • Franz, Peter
  • Günther, Jutta
  • Kauffmann, Albrecht
  • Loose, Brigitte
  • Ludwig, Udo
  • Pasternack, Peer
  • Pelzel, Frank
  • Rosenfeld, Martin T. W.
  • Stops, Michael
  • Walwei, Ulrich

Bibliographical information

Brautzsch, Hans-Ulrich; Brenke, Karl; Franz, Peter; Günther, Jutta; Kauffmann, Albrecht; Loose, Brigitte; Ludwig, Udo; Pasternack, Peer; Pelzel, Frank; Rosenfeld, Martin T. W.; Stops, Michael; Walwei, Ulrich (2011): The balance sheet of German Unity : Economic results since 1990. In: Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung, Halle (Eds.), Wirtschaftlicher Stand und Perspektiven für Ostdeutschland. Studie im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums des Innern (IWH-Sonderheft, 2011,02), pp. 15-52.