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Zertifikat "audit berufundfamilie"

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Die Bedeutung der Zeitarbeit für den Arbeitsmarkt


"The article revolves around the question of the function that can be assigned to temporary agency work in a world shaped more and more by technical progress and globalisation, in which it is more important for companies to be able to react quickly to impulses in demand or changes in production. While other contributions in these conference proceedings deal primarily with the in-house perspective, it is our aim here to shine light on exactly who is involved in this form of employment and which situation those affected are faced with. For less competitive employees, temporary agency work can represent an entry point to the labour market. On the other hand, from a labour market policy angle, it is a matter of creating as good a balance of entry possibilities to the labour market as possible on the one hand and stability and social security for those concerned on the other." (Text excerpt, IAB-Doku) ((en))


Bibliographical information

Walwei, Ulrich; Ziegler, Kerstin (2012): The significance of temporary agency work for the labour market. In: R. B. Bouncken, M. Bornewasser & L. Bellmann (Eds.), Die neue Rolle der Zeitarbeit in Deutschland, (Beiträge zur Flexibilisierung, 03), München: Hampp, pp. 11-25.