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Zertifikat "audit berufundfamilie"

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Fachkräftegewinnung und Gute Arbeit in Thüringen



The author begins by giving an overview of the development of the labour market in Thuringia from 2000 to 2012. This development proceeded in a predominantly positive way: unemployment sank from a peak of 20 per cent at the beginning of 2005 to under 8 per cent by the end of 2005. The number of employees subject to social security contributions increased steadily. 'In this way, the labour market is shifting more and more away from being an employer market to being an employee market.' The effects of demographic change on the labour market are forecast below. For many enterprises it will be more difficult to find the requisite qualified labour in future. In this competitive situation, the quality of a working place plays a decisive role. Along with working conditions, this also applies to wages which are below the national average in Thuringia. In addition to this, the potential of older employees and women should be taken advantage of and the participation of establishments in Thuringia in further training increased. (IAB)

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Fuchs, Michaela (2013): Acquisition of qualified labour and good work in Thüringen. In: M. f. W. A. u. T. Thüringen (Ed.), Zukunft 2020. Reader mit Stimmen zum Thüringer Zukunftsdiskurs, Erfurt, pp. 34-36.