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Fachkräftemangel zwischen Mythos und Realität


"In its second section, the text deals with the short-term lack of qualified labour and attempts to identify evidence of bottleneck situations that already exist. In doing so, we use empirical findings that are mainly based on the IAB Job Vacancy Survey (Gesamtwirtschaftlichen Stellenangebot/IAB-EGS) of the Institute for Employment Research (IAB). In the third section, after a brief definition of the shortage of qualified labour, the causes of recruitment problems at enterprise level are followed up, likewise on the basis of the IAB-EGS. In this connection an important question is whether establishments really cannot find (suitable) applicants or whether other reasons are responsible for the problems with filling positions. The fourth section then brings the long-term perspectives to the fore. Demographic developments will in all probability lead to a decrease in the number of workers available. Here the question arises of whether the development to be expected will necessarily be accompanied by less unemployment and inevitably a continued shortage of qualified labour. Finally the conclusions state the challenges that ensue from the findings." (Text excerpt, IAB-Doku)


Bibliographical information

Walwei, Ulrich (2013): A lack of qualified labour between a myth and reality : what problems are we facing (and when)? In: J. Lange & A. Brandt (Eds.), Was kann regionale Wirtschaftsförderung zur Fachkräftesicherung beitragen?, (Loccumer Protokolle, 2012,64), Rehburg-Loccum, pp. 11-27.