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Ist die Arbeit zu teuer und inflexibel?


"At a first glance, the subject of this article seems to consist of two different questions. Firstly the question is posed as to whether the - by international comparison - high labour costs above all in western Germany have had a negative effect on employment and unemployment and, respectively, whether they are continuing to do so. The second question to be raised is whether the existing institutions and regulations offer a suitable framework which allows the labour market to function and whether they provide sufficient leeway as regards the flexibility of the labour market actors." (Author's abstract, IAB-Doku)


Bibliographical information

Walwei, Ulrich (1994): Is work too expensive and inflexible? : the problems of the labour market : causes and solution strategies. In: H.- G. Wehling (Red.), Standort Deutschland, (Kohlhammer Taschenb├╝cher, 1114), Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, pp. 56-71.