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Beschäftigungssicherung durch Umbau des Sozialstaates


"In view of the high unemployment and the visible limitations of economic growth in the European industrial countries, the question is raised as to which reforms of the systems of employment are necessary to meet the crisis on the labour market. Among the alternatives worthy of discussion is a fairly strong flexibilisation of the employment system. Up to now, however, the discussion on flexibilisation - which has partly been conducted in a controversial way - has failed to notice that through this reciprocative advantages for all actors involved could certainly ensue. However, here it depends on what is flexibilised in a concrete way and exactly how this is done in detail. A role which must not be underestimated in respect to acceptance of more flexibilisation is played by the regulation mechanism of the social state. Before we deal in detail with questions of flexibilisation of the system of employment and the consequences resulting from this for the social state, we first provide a sober stocktaking of the problems and perspectives of the labour market." (Author's abstract, IAB-Doku)


Bibliographical information

Walwei, Ulrich (1997): Securing employment through the reorganisation of the social state : possibilities and limitations of a flexibilisation of the employment system - strategies for more employment? In: Politische Studien, Vol. 48, No. 352, pp. 18-35.