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Die versteckten Gewinner der Energiewende



The four branches of industry with the most establishments and employees in the field of renewable energies are 'manufacture of electronic components and circuit boards', 'electricity supply', 'construction installation' as well as 'architecture and engineering offices.
The establishments from these four branches, which are active in the area of renewable energies (Erneuerbaren Energien, or EE-Betriebe) pay higher wages on average than establishments without corresponding activities (non-EE establishments. Exceptions are power companies, where EE establishments even pay slightly less.
However, with the construction fitters and with the architecture and engineering offices that are active in the field of renewable energies, one finds an additional wage premium of over ten per cent which cannot be explained through classic characteristics of the establishment or further influential factors . We interpret this wage difference as a "renewable energy wage premium" and thus as a positive indirect effect of the promotion of renewable energies.
These EE-establishments - which include electrical and heating installation companies as well as project offices - have hardly played a role in public discussion about the energy turnaround up to now. Those employed there can hence be seen as the hidden winners of the energy turnaround." Text excerpt, IAB-Doku


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Antoni, Manfred; Janser, Markus; Lehmer, Florian (2014): The hidden winners of the energy turnaround : wage differences in the area of renewable energies. (Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung. Aktuelle Berichte), Nürnberg, 5 p.