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Zehn Jahre Grundsicherung: mehr Licht als Schatten


"After ten year of Basic Income Support (Grundsicherung), nothing suggests that reform of the reform is necessary. Even more obligations, for instance via Workfare approaches - which rely on an obligation to work that is not only all-encompassing but also ethically questionable - would not be expedient. Just as inexpedient are the concepts of an unconditional basic income favouring a mentality of comprehensive cover that would not be acceptable from a fiscal point of view. Instead, Book II of the Social Code (SGB II) should be further developed with the aim of contributing to an overall successful employment policy and, with that, of counteracting the solidification of unemployment in an ongoing manner. Sustainable approaches are to be seen in even more professional case management, strengthened empowerment of the target group towards upwards mobility through targeted qualification measures, and the prevention of long-term benefit receipt. Particularly in view of the latter, other policy fields, especially educational and family policy, are needed, along with labour market policy." (Text excerpt, IAB-Doku)

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Walwei, Ulrich (2015): Ten years of Basic Income Support : more light than shade. In: Ökonomenstimme, 20.01.2015, pp. 1-2.