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Paradata - Big Data of survey research



"Our current digital age is not short on buzz words that describe the changes taking place in society, industrial production processes, and operations of all kinds. The German government is using the term 'Industry 4.0' to describe the fourth industrial revolution, characterized by the computerization of the manufacturing industry. Smart factories use data from production processes to adapt operations and use resources more efficiently. In the US, this trend is described as smart manufacturing, but other buzz words like 'the Internet of Things' are also used to refer to the connectivity of devices, systems, and services. Whether it is in industry, advertising, education, or health, there is an increasing availability of streaming data that come in different shapes and forms. Data with these characteristics are often referred to as Big Data; see the discussion by Piet Daas and Marco Puts in the January issue of The Survey Statistician (Daas and Puts 2014). Despite the fact that these information streams can be error prone and spotty, great hope is placed on insights that can be gained from these sources." (Author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))

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Kreuter, Frauke (2015): Paradata - Big Data of survey research. In: The Survey statistician, No. 71, pp. 27-33.