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Digitalisierung der Arbeitswelt



"The share of tasks that is at risk of computerization considerably varies across occupations. Because of specific spatial economic and occupational structures, the potential for substitution is distributed unevenly. Occupations are characterized by a high potential for substitution if currently more than 70 per cent of the tasks could be performed by computers. In the Free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg, the share of employees in an occupation with a high potential for substitution is 9 per cent. This is less than the German average of 15 per cent. The lower share in Hamburg goes back to the below average importance of manufacturing industries. To address the challenges of progressive digitalization, lifelong learning, workplace related training programs tailored staffing solutions are becoming of increasing importance." (Autorenreferat, IAB-Doku)


Bibliographical information

Buch, Tanja; Dengler, Katharina; Stöckmann, Andrea (2016): Digitalisierung der Arbeitswelt * Folgen für den Arbeitsmarkt in der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg. (IAB-Regional. Berichte und Analysen aus dem Regionalen Forschungsnetz. IAB Nord, 05/2016), Nürnberg, 35 p.