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Evaluating the utility of indirectly linked federal administrative records for nonresponse bias adjustment



"Survey researchers are actively seeking powerful auxiliary data sources capable of correcting for possible nonresponse bias in survey estimates of the general population. While several auxiliary data options exist, concerns about their usefulness for addressing nonresponse bias remain. One underutilized - but potentially rich - source of auxiliary data for nonresponse bias adjustment is federal administrative records. While federal records are routinely used to study nonresponse in countries where it is possible to directly link them (via a unique identifier) to population-based samples, such records are not widely used for this purpose in countries which lack a unique identifier to facilitate direct linkage. In this article, we examine the utility of indirectly linked administrative data from a federal employment database for nonresponse bias adjustment in a general population survey in Germany. In short, we find that the linked administrative variables have stronger correlations with the substantive survey variables than do standard paradata variables and that incorporating linked administrative data in nonresponse weighting adjustments reduces relative nonresponse bias to a greater extent than paradata-only weighting adjustments. However, for the majority of weighted survey estimates, including the administrative variables in the weighting adjustment procedure has minimal impact on the point estimates and their variances. We conclude with a general discussion of these findings and comment on the logistical issues associated with this type of linkage relevant to survey practice." (Author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))

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Sakshaug, Joseph ; Antoni, Manfred (2019): Evaluating the utility of indirectly linked federal administrative records for nonresponse bias adjustment. In: Journal of survey statistics and methodology, Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 227-249.