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Zertifikat "audit berufundfamilie"

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Projection of the working population until 2050

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March 2007


Population is one essential factor for the development of the labor force potential, which adds to the component "working population" the "labor force participation rate". The last projection of the year 2005 again affirmed: the demographic effect is irreversible. Especially in the new countries the labor supply will decrease and age dramatically.

Now the aim is to implement a new and more actual projection of Germany's population, whereas the central point is the development of the working age population. The new projection shall be responsive to the latest trends concerning for example fertility or migration.
Former approaches shall be reconsidered, but a new concept not at least depends on the availability of data, what is checked again. Thus another goal of the project is to enhance the projection in method and data quality, especially the projection of the working population.