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Arbeits- und Erwerbslosigkeit in der Statistik



"Despite the fact that unemployment has been underestimated by roughly 40 per cent, German unemployment statistics have been relatively transparent by international comparison since the Hartz IV reforms. In Germany's neighbouring countries considered successful in the field of employment policy, the employment quotas may be higher than in Germany but also the extent of hidden unemployment. In Denmark, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Sweden, the official unemployment figure is much more closely defined than in Germany. With the term 'the hidden labour force' Germany has a concept at its disposal with which to register hidden unemployment and one that no other land has in such detail. Recently, there have been calls for 'more honest' unemployment statistics, ones that designates all persons with employment problems as unemployed persons looking for a job - including 1-Euro jobbers, participants in qualification measures, and involuntary part-time employees. However, in the statistics, these persons who have previously been ignored are matched with persons who according to the surveys are not looking for a job and thus do not have a real employment problem." (Author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))


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