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Maintenance and further development of IAB-Medianet

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September 2008


For numerous standardized printed items and electronic documents (business equipment, visiting cards, calls for papers, conference programmes, name tags, etc.), IAB including the FDZ (Research Data Centre) requires appropriate format templates to support everyday work. At the same time it is important to ensure the uniformed appearance of IAB's Corporate Design. This can be done using an IAB-specific client tenancy on the BA MediaNet. This "Web to Print" solution allows printed and document templates that conform to Corporate Design to be produced via the Internet in a quick, practical and efficient way. It has been designed so that people who are not media professionals have no problems working with it. The result is 100 per cent producible while the brand name "IAB" is also adhered to 100 per cent. At the same time, however, individual freedom of design is possible within the framework of the set basic structure. In addition, with printed matter that is to be printed by external printers, costly individual procurement is avoided, as printing assignments take place fully automatically within the basic contract agreements of the BA (Federal Employment Agency).