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Establishments in the Covid 19 crisis (BeCovid-Study)

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May 2020

End of Project

December 2021


The corona crisis is associated with a range of challenges for companies and their employees. The companies in Germany are affected in very different ways, not only by supply interruptions and closures, but also by the gradual restriction and, currently, the lifting of restrictions on business activities as part of the measures to contain the pandemic. The pandemic situation is also proving to be very dynamic. Renewed outbreaks and accompanying measures, including those concerning the economic activity, can lead to more severe restrictions at any time. For this reason, the "BeCovid Study" is intended to establish a database, which can observe all phases of further economic development from the perspective of the companies. In the survey, approximately 2,000 companies in several branches of the economy and of any size are to be surveyed at several points in time over a period of approximately one year