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Verheißung oder Bedrohung?



"The upcoming changes caused by the forth industrial revolution provoke discussions about potential shifts in the structures of the economy and the working environment. The so called 'Industrie 4.0' implicates chances as well as negative effects on the labour market. This paper takes a look at the consequences of technological change in history and at possible impacts on future occupations and qualifications. Studies from Anglo-Saxon countries identify highly qualified persons as the winners of the new industrial revolution and the middle class as the loser. According to more recent studies, one of the main challenges will be artificial intelligence. Hence, complex occupations requiring creativity and social intelligence will be needed. In the German economy, high-quality consumer goods, chemical products as well as machinery and equipment will offer great potentials. The main precondition for success will be a good 'operating system' containing infrastructure, education, and legal security as well as data security, while employees will need to be more flexible. To achieve a secure and humane working environment employee participation, creative leeway and social partnership are crucial." (Author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))

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Möller, Joachim (2015): Verheißung oder Bedrohung? * die Arbeitsmarktwirkungen einer vierten industriellen Revolution. (IAB-Discussion Paper, 18/2015), Nürnberg, 15 p.