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Aktualisierung von Regionalindikatoren für die deutschen Arbeitsmarktregionen



"In 2008, the joint task force 'Improvement of Regional Economic Structure' commissioned the Institute for Employment Research in cooperation with the Steinbeis Transfer Centre Applied System Analysis (STASA), Stuttgart, to produce an expert report. This paper presents the results of this report which was financed by the Ministry of Science, Economic Affairs and Transport of the State of Schleswig-Holstein and was compiled in 2009. Since the last demarcation of structurally weak regions eligible for regional aid, several indicators pertaining to the labour market and income situation in German labour market regions needed to be updated. The indicators calculated are the annual average unemployment rate for all unemployed, for female unemployed persons and for young unemployed persons under 25 years; the number of long-term unemployed; the employment level; the mean wages per employee; and gross wages for all 270 German labour market regions. These indicators were also entered into the regional database 'RegioDat' of the German Federal Ministry of Finance to help the federal government and the German states to evaluate the economic situation of the German labour market regions before the next demarcation of structurally weak regions that are eligible for regional aid in the year 2013." (Author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))

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Schwengler, Barbara; Hecht , Veronika; Haag, Günter; Sdogou, Ekaterini; Liedl, Philipp (2011): Actualisation of regional indicators for German labour market regions. (IAB-Forschungsbericht, 01/2011), Nürnberg, 102 p.