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The new online magazine of the Institute for Employment Research (IAB)

Sreenshot IAB-Forum
From 30 June 2017, our in-house magazine IAB-Forum will be available online only.

Instead of publishing two printed editions per year, our readers can now benefit from up-to-date articles and information every week. This shift not only assures more up-do-datedness and faster and free access to the content from everywhere in the world, it also offers additional multimedia content such as video, audio and interactive graphics. IAB-Forum continues to be synonymous with scientifically sound articles of assured quality that have been edited diligently and reflect the IAB's full range of research activities – in language that is easy to understand also for practically minded people. As previously, the magazine will feature articles and serials that focus on relevant labour market topics.

Additionally, the magazine includes an international section with articles in English that mainly address foreign experts. Interviews, portraits, conference reports and information about important new publications make the offer complete. The articles of the printed issues published until 2016 are equally available as a free download.

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Andrea Kargus

Martin Schludi

Jutta Winters

Links to translated articles

IAB-Forum 1/2013

Cover IAB-Forum 1/2013

The IAB-Forum is published only in German. Selected articles of this special edition are translated into English.

Skilled labour requirements in firms: Shortages are emerging in some sectors and regions
Location choice: Why German firms invest in the Czech Republic

IAB-Forum Spezial

IAB-Forum Spezial

The IAB-Forum is published only in German. Selected articles of this special edition are translated into English. 

Crisis Analysis and Recommendations
Anti-Crisis Programmes in Europe and the USA
Economic Stimulus Plans against the crisis