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IAB-Kurzbericht (IAB Brief Report)

Up-to-date analyses by IAB

Cover IAB-KurzberichtIAB-Kurzberichte (IAB Brief Reports) contain current information on a topic selected from the research work of the Institute often presenting this information in a graphic way. The series is primarily directed at public and professional circles and appears 25 to 30 times a year. The publication series only appears in German.

IAB Brief Reports can be ordered at a charge as individual issues or on subscription from the IAB Webshop or directly from the publishers W. Bertelsmann. All issues can also be downloaded from this website free of charge.

The diagrams contained in each issue of the Brief Reports can be downloaded separately free of charge.


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The IAB-Kurzberichte (IAB Brief Reports) as of 2000 can be subscribed to on a regular basis or ordered separately.


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