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Codebook and documentation of the panel study 'Labour Market and Social Security' (PASS)



"The panel study 'Labour Market and Social Security' (PASS), established by the Institute for Employment Research (IAB), is a new dataset for labour market, welfare state and poverty research in Germany, creating a new empirical basis for the scientific community and political consulting. This Datenreport provides an overview of the first survey wave, for which 18,954 persons were interviewed in 12,794 households between December 2006 and July 2007. The study is carried out as part of the IAB's research into the German Social Code Book II (SGB II). The IAB is charged by law with studying the effects of benefits under SGB II for integration into the labour market and subsistence benefits. However, due to the complex sample design, it also enables researchers to answer questions far beyond these issues. Five core questions influenced the development of the new study, which are detailed in Achatz et al. (2007):
1. What options exist to regain independence from Unemployment Benefit II?
2. In which ways does the social situation of a household change when it receives benefits?
3. How do persons concerned cope with their situation? Will attitudes of the respondents that are constitutive for their actions change over time?
4. In which form do contacts between benefit recipients and institutions providing basic social security actually take place? What are the institutional procedures applied in practice?
5. Which employment career patterns or household dynamics lead to receipt of Unemployment Benefit II?
The following brief overview describes the motivation for carrying out the survey, its contents and the study design." (text excerpt, IAB-Doku) ((en))

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Christoph, Bernhard; Müller, Gerrit; Gebhardt, Daniel; Wenzig, Claudia; Trappmann, Mark; Achatz, Juliane; Tisch, Anita; Gayer, Christine (2008): Codebook and documentation of the panel study 'Labour Market and Social Security' (PASS) * vol. 1: Introduction and overview, wave 1 (2006/2007). (FDZ-Datenreport, 05/2008 (en)), Nürnberg, 75 p.