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Small and medium-sized establishments in Europe: operating hours and working time patterns


In this article, the relationship between operating hours and working time models, depending on company size, is investigated. The focus of the study, which is based on data from the project EUCOWE 'Working Times and Operating Hours in Europe', is on the question of specific patterns in the utilisation of different working time models aimed at the disconnection and increased flexibility of working and operating hours in small and medium-sized enterprises, as compared to large establishments. Also, further company characteristics such as the establishment's independence, industrial sector, and competitive orientation, are taken into account. Furthermore, country-specific differences in the organisation of operating hours in the investigated countries (Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands) are demonstrated. (IAB)

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Smith, Mark; Zagelmeyer, Stefan; Sieglen, Georg (2009): Small and Medium-Sized Establishments in Europe: Operating Hours and Working Time Patterns. In: L. Delsen et al. (Ed.), Comparative analyses of operating hours and working times in the European Union, (Contributions to economics), Heidelberg u.a.: Physica-Verlag, pp. 117-142.