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Zertifikat "audit berufundfamilie"

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Typisierung von SGB-II-Trägern



"Success in the employment integration of persons subject to the legal framework of Social Codes II and III is largely determined by the interaction of varying regional circumstances. In the context of classifying authorities in charge of Social Code II implementation, IAB identifies determinants of employment integration on the regional level, and on this basis comprises authority districts with similar economic structures to groups called comparison types. The selection and weighting of classification factors therein are not - as is typically the case - based on expert opinions, but are accomplished by a combination of regression and cluster analysis.
According to an agreement with the federal and federal states' working party 'Targeting, indicators and data in the Social Code II', IAB has updated in early 2011 the classification of Social Code II authorities that had been used since 2006 in labour market regulation. Like its predecessor, the classification comprises twelve clusters, the size of which varies between ten and 64 regions. The spatial distributional pattern of the clusters is characterized by East-West differences, North-South differences within West Germany, and urban-rural differences in Germany entirely.
In comparison to the preceding classification, one of the former clusters has been eliminated that comprised 46 West German districts with strong seasonal variation (type 8). The remaining eleven former comparison types experience certain changes in their composition by being updated, but are essentially preserved. Among the up-dated comparison types, there is furthermore a new urban type comprising 22 West German districts (type 4 new). Altogether, 140 out of 411 authorities' districts change type, where 68 changes are due to the above mentioned elimination and creation of types. The regional employment integration quota for 2010 varies relatively strongly over comparison types. This is to be seen as evidence of the adequacy of the updated Social Code II classification." (Author's abstract, IAB-Doku) ((en))


Bibliographical information

Blien, Uwe; Hirschenauer, Franziska; Kaufmann, Klara; Moritz, Michael; Vosseler, Alexander (2011): Typisierung von SGB-II-Trägern * Vorgehensweise und Ergebnisse der Aktualisierung 2011. (IAB-Stellungnahme, 08/2011), Nürnberg, 12 p.