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Neugestaltung der Förderinstrumente für Arbeitslose



"With its draft law on improving integration opportunities on the labour market (parliamentary printed document 17/6277), the Federal Government is intending to speed up the process of integration into work or training and reorganise the area of publicly subsidized employment. The intention of the Federal Government of securing the effectiveness and efficiency of labour market policies through a higher degree of decentralisation, flexibility, meeting individual needs, quality and transparency. This intention is reflected in a great variety of individual regulations and the reorganisation of the range of instruments available. The changes affect both active employment promotion (Book III of the Social Code) as well as specific instruments that aim at improving the labour market prospects of job-seekers receiving welfare benefit (Book II of the Social Code). In their motions, the parliamentary groups of the Social Democratic Party, SPD ('Orientating labour market policy on the current challenges - Setting the course for gainful work, full employment and maintaining a sufficient supply of skilled workers', parliamentary printed document 17/6454), Alliance IAB-Stellungnahme 9/2011 5 90/The Greens ('Labour market policy - Investing in employment and perspectives instead of diminishing opportunities', parliamentary printed document 17/6319) and The Left ('Giving labour market policy a new direction and financing it sustainably', parliamentary printed document 17/5526) criticise that the reform is rather concerned with improving policies and prospects of persons that are relatively easy to place. They demand from the Federal Government to pay more attention to needs of people with considerable placement impediments. In its comment, IAB responds to the intention of the proposed legislation and offers its opinion on the basis of existing research findings on selected aspects of the draft law of the Federal Government as well as of the individual motions of the opposition parties." (Text excerpt, IAB-Doku) ((en))


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