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Zertifikat "audit berufundfamilie"

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Avrupa istihdam stratejisinin perspektifleri


The paper analyses the guidelines of the European Employment Strategy since 1997 and attest that the new version of 2003 has additional qualitative objectives such as the emphasis on the demand for 'more employment' as a solution for the labour market crisis. The experiences to date show that the European Employment Strategy has led to perceptible improvements. In Germany, the activating and preventive approach in fighting unemployment and in equality for men and women has been strengthened. Three overall objectives have been aimed at: full employment; the increase in the quality of work and in the productivity of work; and the strengthening of social solidarity and social integration. In other areas, such as fiscal policy, the reform of social insurance systems, and wage and collective wage policies on the other hand, the effect of the guidelines has tended to be minimal. Integration of the new accession countries as well as the possible entry of Turkey to the EU are likely to represent one of the greatest challenges for the European Employment Strategy. The guidelines need to allow for national differences and should only accompany the employment policy efforts of the individual countries in a flanking manner. (IAB)


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